Behind the Lens - A-morir

Kerin Rose is an official bad-ass. She is the designer and creative director of A-Morir, a line of high-end bejeweled eyewear frequently worn by the likes of Gaga, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Snoop Lion/Dogg and many others. 

© Sophy Holland / Portrait of Kerin

© Sophy Holland / Portrait of Kerin

Kerin and I met when I painted her for a personal series (oil on canvas) of female fashion designers in NYC. Stay tuned for more of that later.. 

Kerin knew I had a background as an Art Director, working on ad campaigns such as Swarovski and Gilan, and we spoke about her new line of hand-crafted Mazzucchelli acetate eyewear frames that she wanted to launch for 2015 SS. 

©Sophy Holland / Kerin Rose (oils on canvas 5ft x 4ft)

©Sophy Holland / Kerin Rose (oils on canvas 5ft x 4ft)

She hired me to shoot the photographs for the campaign and we collaborated on concept, that was to still speak to her originality, but also at prestige level.

We cast the very beautiful Hannah Vandermolen @ Trump Models as the face of the campaign - I love her face, her short pastel hair, and of course her gold septum ring. 

It sounds bizarre... but I was totally inspired by the 'hall of heads scene' in the movie Return to Oz. I wanted to create a weird-looking floating head silhouette for the series, allowing the eyewear to remain the focal point and not to compete with any other fashion. Kerin used a lot of opal tones and rose gold in the seasonal collection so I wanted to use a very hard light, but with lots of rose tones on the skin and hair, with the matte pink lip mirroring trend from runway SS15.

Photography - Sophy Holland

Makeup - Shirley Pinkson

Hair Color - Aura

Studio - Pier59, NYC